Let Viomba lift up your display campaign performance - simply as a service.

A good click can only come after someone has first seen your ad. Unseen ad impressions are 100% waste of money. Ad systems can’t detect whether your paid ad impression received any visual attention when it was loaded up in a media and users browser. Viomba martech enables you to measure and unleash attention insight to heart of your display campaign execution. It is a giant leap forward in setting out the new rules for the next level in online marketing.

Currently available in Finland

Coming soon to Sweden and Denmark.

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 Key features


Optimize ad creatives

Viomba automatically measures your ad creatives attention levels to provide exact attention heat maps and 95% confidence level seen ability metrics - all generated from the real media environment.


Optimize ongoing ad buy

Take advantage of Viomba generated CPMS (CostPerMilleSeen) dashboard metrics to gain significantly more campaign results in both mobile and desktop.


Create campaign scenarios

Use our scenario tool to plan your ‘best attention vs best cost’ based display campaign scenarios and to better reach your KPI’s.


Viomba is developed to provide actionable tools for attention focused campaign optimisation


Desktop and Mobile

Viomba optimization of desktop and mobile ad creatives and ad buy



Viomba optimization of Facebook ad creatives and ad buy


MarketReport & Raw Data Sales

Market specific attention reports and raw data dumps for your further analyses


 Case results from our customers

Both of the below Viomba enabled campaign results were executed in Finland by Omnicom Media Group Finland.

Case 1 - Insurance company


Viewer’s seen ability of the advertising grew significantly

The price of a thousand ads shown and noticed fell from €50.20 to €17.80. The percentage of noticed ads increased from 9% to 21%.


More clicks

The same budget brought 10% more clicks to the campaign site. This was due to a fact that since the targeted audience saw in general more ads, this further increased to get more clicks.


Conversions improved

The same budget brought 12% more conversions. The conversion percentage of advertising increased from 6.99% to 7.21%.


Optimisation brought significant financial benefits

The financial benefit in a campaign of about €10,000 was more than €9,000. In other words, to achieve the same results the advertiser would have had to invest about €19,000.


 Case 2 - Energy company


Viewer’s seen ability of the advertising grew significantly

The price of a thousand ads shown and noticed fell from €39.77 to €14.50. The percentage of noticed ads increased from 17% to 41%.


Much more clicks

The same budget with increased seen ads brought 17% more clicks to the campaign site even though there was not a CTA involved in the chosen ad creatives due to their brand building focus.


Optimisation brought significant financial benefits

The desktop media budget of this campaign was slightly under €3,500 and because the number of the shown ads that were noticed could be doubled, the financial benefits for the advertiser were considerable.


 Optimise your display campaigns to generate the maximum visual attention and results.


You can now truly find out the best ‘attention vs. cost’ ad creatives.

Viomba provides a realtime optimisation overview to see exactly how much your campaign has gained more visual attention the used budget.


 Create realistic campaign scenarios.


Maximise your online ROMI by creating more realistic campaign scenarios.

Create actionable campaign scenarios and ad format combinations based on 95% confidence level attention metrics and ongoing CPM rates.


Real media measured instant attention focused optimisation is now truly available - cost efficiently as a service.

Take advantage of our fully automated platform to generate 95% statistical confidence level attention insights to make sure your paid ads are been seen by the targeted audience.


 1. The problem


Only 20% of all purchased online ads are ever being seen by your audience when using only click and system focused optimisation data to create your ad buy rules.

Digital marketers have to unwillingly accept to throw away over 80% of all their display investments to generate any type of attention or awareness from less than 20% of the all fully paid ad impressions.*

* Validated by Viomba data in Finland

2. The solution

 Viomba brings previously unconnected data universes together for new era in actionable campaign optimisation.

It has taken us four years to develop Viomba martech platform to tactically merge the below key performance areas together to open up a whole new door for attention focused campaign optimisation:

  1. In 95% confidence level required amount of 24/7 collected visual ad measurement impression data from real media environment through natural human browsing.

  2. Fully synchronized DSP and browser data

  3. ai & robotic automation to accelerate the involved statistical process


 3. Benefits


~25% increase in campaign ROMI

With Viomba provided optimization insight brands are now able to push their ad creatives instant attention effectiveness and ad buy efficiency significantly more towards getting more seen order to generate more interest, desire and clicks.


+250% increase in visually seen ad impressions

Currently recorded maximum from our platform is 2 750% increase in single campaigns statistically 95% confidence level seen ability.


It’s all in combining the previously unconnected data sources

It’s all in a Viomba platforms unique capability of being able to generate every day large volumes of across media environment thousands of controlled ad impressions while measuring each ad’s exact visual attention point they either receive or not through our local panelists natural browsing experience.


Get much more out of your media budget already when it matters.

Advertisers and their agencies can now truly optimize towards gaining much more measured display attention.


Know the exact attention index of your exact display ads.

Viomba browser extension and national panelist group generates thousands measurement impression during natural media browsing to match 95% confidence level.


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