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About us

Our innovation and concept

Viomba offers cloud based services for businesses who want to know what and how consumers see and experience their web content during their normal web browsing.

Our system uses hardware-based eye-tracking device connected to test users' USB-port. We translate the point of gaze on the test user's browser window in the very HTML document element being viewed.

We are Helsinki based, founded in 2015, funded by Business Finland (former TEKES) and the owners.

Our system

- national test user groups providing browsing data

- proprietary browser extension and native Windows application on test users' browsers controlling Tobii-eye-tracking device

- integrated emotion analysis software from Affectiva providing emotions read from the test users' facial expressions

- integrated mouse movement and clicks capturing

- screen capture videos at the browser end showing you exactly what the consumers see, experience and do on a selected URL - whether it is your own or your opponents.

- Extranet for clients to promptly request and receive realistic web browsing tasks and assignments for analysing the results and to download the exact session data file for further analytics.

Our eye-tracking device is practially invisible to the test user as it weights some grams only and it does not physically touch the user. Therefore, our test users provide in their natural browsing environment undistracted by the measurement itself.

Angular error: +/- 0.5 degrees ~ 1 cm² on screen

Frequency: up to 90 hertz

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We sell our software as a service. You don't need any special software, and you don't need any new personnel. You just pay for the results.

UX Raptor

Rapid response UX-testing service for your web projects. Our test users try out your site or page and UX Raptor reports back to you how your user experience worked for them. Well-suited for online campaign A/B testing and website design optimisation.

Create tasks that you want to get tested in our extranet. Enter the preferred URL where you want the tester to start (incl. competitor benchmarks), and describe the goal for the tester to pursue. Choose how many results you want to order, and submit the task.

Your task will be automatically distributed to our test users, who will start running them. You will get your test results back as soon as they are completed by the users.

Everything at this point is automated, so in best case scenario, your test results are available to you before the next business day.

The delivarables include:

- screen capture video of what the test user actually saw and did; The video contains the user's gaze point and mouse action.

- details on the test user (age, gender)

- downloadable data file containing all the captured data. See data definition (PDF).

Option: Get Viomba authorised UX specialist to provide you a second professional opinion on your test results. It could not get easier as you can simply authorise our UX Specialist to review and provide you their advice directly to UX Raptor.

A sample screen capture video from UX Raptor. Download the data file of this sample, approx 1.8 MB. (See the UX Raptor export data description for more information on the data file).

UX Raptor pricing

UX Raptor is charged on delivered results only-basis. There are no ongoing charges, if you do not use UX Raptor.

Charges on your account will be invoiced monthlty.

For more details and pricing, please, contact our sales (Markku Mäntymaa): +358 40 7000 345.


Our online information service featuring online display campaign performance measurement on real biometric data. The actionable data is designed to be used by media and programmatic ad buyers.

For more details and pricing, please, contact our sales (Markku Mäntymaa): +358 40 7000 345.

Contact us

General enquires:

Markku Mäntymaa
tel: +358 40 7000 345

Business ID 2613800-8 (FI26138003)
Visiting address:
Kaikukatu 2C, 2nd floor
00530 Helsinki