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  • Ad Test - get your banner creatives tested by humans
  • EyeReport - access our banner database to see what works and what not
  • Optimizer Pro - analyse your campaign data with our database
  • UX Raptor - test your web interfaces with our test users

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tel: chairman Markku Mäntymaa +358 40 700 0345

We develop and operate high-tech eye tracking technology and provide services to online advertiser and developers. Our key innovation is to apply eye tracking to Internet browsing, so we can see what human eye actually looks at on a web page.

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Ad Test

The key features of Ad Test are:

  • - upload creatives from your desktop or retrieve directly from your AdForm-account.
  • - test are run on all major Finnish sites, mainly from Alma Media and Sanoma.
  • - results are available immediately in Viomba Extranet as they are generated.
  • - results include summary data tables for (a) the tested creatives as a whole, (b) groups of creatives of the same size, and (c) each indivdual banner: (1) Numbers of impressions, (2) observed views by the test users, (3) view %, and (4) Cost per view (CPV), using customer's own banner size - price multipliers.
  • - results can be filtered by customer using test user's age, gender, or the time of day and/or the testing web site.
  • - results are compared to benchmark from Viomba's common database, and a statistical confidence level if tested banners are actually better or worse than online banners in general. The method is Person's chi-squared test.

Ad Test enables you to test your creatives before going live with your campaign. We publish your campaign to our test user group, and we record the seenability of your ads in their natural environment.

Each test runs for 48 hours, during and after which you can easily see, which ads work and which do not.

You can create the tests by simply uploading the creatives to our server, or alternatively, if you connect your user account to your AdForm account, we can fetch your campaign materials directly from AdForm.


Ad Test is priced at 299,- Euros per test run [1].


EyeReport database contains all the recorded page impressions from our test users, from which we have found advertising. We store the full gaze path of the test user, from which we calculate the time the gaze has lingered on each advert.

EyeReport screen shot

EyeReport is our information service for online advertisers and marketing agencies. With a subscription you gain access to all the data that we collect from our test group constantly.


All EyeReport subscription covers all your organisation's user accounts. There are two different subscription levels to choose from:

Standard: the reporting database only. 2999,- Euros quarterly or 9999,- Euros annually [1].

DeLuxe: the reporting database + access to captured banner images. 3750,- Euros quarterly or 11250,- Euros annually [1].

Optimizer Pro

With Optimizer Pro, you can connect your AdForm-account to your Viomba-user account, and enrich your reports with our seenability information.

We locate your ad performance data from our own database, and combine it with your AdForm data. This then enables us to estimate, how many actually seen impressions you have bought.

Contact us for pricing and availablility!

UX Raptor

- Test users run your test with very short response time. Most often overnight.

- UX Laboratory-like measurements, but the test users are in their natural browsing environment, at home.

With UX Raptor, you can get your online user interface tested by our test users. Create a test scenario to identify potential problems in your site, or to test a new version of your interface before launch. You can freely choose the sample size for your test, and you pay only for whay you get.

Test results are screen capture videos from the test user, together with the focal point of their gaze. You will be able exactly, what the test user saw on your site.

You can optionally choose to enable measurement of the emotions of the test users, too. With this option, we capture the facial expressions of the testers while they complete the test. Deep learning algorithms of the integrated Affectiva-software convert the facial expressions into motions.


Choose how many test results you want to buy:

Single99 euros
5 results399 euros
10 results699 euros
20 results1199 euros

Adding Affectiva-emotion analysis adds 19 euros per result [1].

UX Raptor - sample output


Methodology and technology

Our services are rendered by our proprietary service system, which manages the test user group equipped with our eye tracking devices.

We recruit national test user groups, whom we equip with our proprietary software and eye tracking hardware. Test group users have an incentive programme which ensures that we get results quickly, but minimises the behavioural bias caused by the insentives.

Our test group system is fully GDPR-compliant, so you do not have to worry about the privacy issues as our customer.

Currently, our test group works on Google Chrome / Windows. We are releasing mobile version later.

Peripheral Eye Tracker device

The eye tracking devices are developed and supplied by Tobii. Tobii-device works in the USB-port of the computer, and it is very light-weight and small in size. This gives us the advantage of keeping the test users' browsing experience virtually unchanged.

The accuracy (angle error) of the Tobii eye tracking device is +/- 1 degree. That translates to roughly 1 cm2 area on a laptop screen. The sampling frequence is up to 90 hertz.


When analysing test users facial expressions for emotions, we utilise software licensed from Affectiva. The software features deep learning algorithms applied on vast sample set of facial expressions to accurately regonise emotions with the test users' web cam.