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We offer highly actionable services to boost online ad buying by studying human biometrical data.

Problems of online ad buying analytics

Ad analytics are mostly based on data collected from the network and servers. Impressions are counted as they are sent from the ad server.

In reality, most of the impressions you have paid for are not seen by the audience. Ads are not loaded on time, they are left under the page fold, or the creatives simply blend into the page.

Would you be interested to know, which of your campaign ads are actually seen by humans?

We measure your ad campaigns, and feed the results back to your ad buying process. Get rid of your wasted ad spend and optimize campaign results.

It is power of insight at its best.

Our service

We run a test on your ad campaign as a service. For every ad and every site where your ads are shown, we give you the percentage of ad impressions which are seen and which are left undetected by the people.

We are fully cloud-based service. Even better, you don't need to install tags on your site or modify your ads with our service (we detect your ads automatically).

Reliable data

- we measure gaze directly from the human eye, telling us the exact ad locations on web pages.

Our test group

- we have our own network of test users, don't bother recruiting your own testers.


- under error of angle in our eye-cams
- approx 1 cm² area on laptop display
- up to 90 hertz

Our services are for

Digital Media Agencies

For media optimization, campaign planning and as a tool for improving programmatic ad buying.


For analysing the ad placements and to optimize UI & UX on media sites.

Digital Ad Agencies

For improving and testing ad creatives.

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Interested to start measuring if your ads are truly seen or not? Get in touch with us.

General enquires:

Markku Mäntymaa
tel: +358 40 7000 345